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Saturday, March 15th, 2003

6:24 pm

Yeah I know I suck cuase I never write in my journal but i had to log on and wish my best friend a Happy 21st. Happy 21st birthday Ameth. I’ve called i swear but the machine doesn’t pick up. We need go get you a cell phone so i can keep tabs on you. hehee. Anyways hon I Love you and I hope you have fun. See you next week. We r sure to have some drunken fun. 

Current Mood:  giddy

*No edits, word-for-word copy of old journal entries.

This friend and I no longer talk. In fact, she pretty much ditched me and our mutual friends and never looked back. It was sometime before we all finished college. We had limited similar interests but it worked. We learned and experienced new things from each other. Then it became about doing only things she wanted and eventually about not doing anything at all. Every once in a while I google her. I like this post because of the lack of technology, no FB, no cell phone and use of answering machine.

  1. suicidecasanova said: I ran into her at a movie theater a few years ago. Went to see the second Matrix movie. She was in the audience. We locked eyes and gave each other the head nod from a distance.
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